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Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research

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Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research
Department of Education
P.O. Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

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» Our prime research partner is the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition at the University of California in San Diego, USA.

» The Centre for Sociocultural & Activity Theory Research at the University of Birmingham, UK.

» The International Society for Cultural and Activity Research is an association for promotion and development of multidisciplinary theoretical and empirical research on societal, cultural and historical dimensions of human practices. See also ISCAR Finland country section.

» The Mind, Culture, and Activity Homepage is an interactive forum for the CHAT community.

» Great links for most aspects of activity theory, as well as to valuable resources online can be found on Martin Ryder's page at the University of Colorado, Denver, USA.

» KEHITTÄVÄN OPETUKSEN JA OPPIMISEN TUTKIMUSYKSIKKÖ Oulun yliopiston Kajaanin opettajankoulutusyksikössä kehittää varhaiskasvatuksen opetuksen ja tutkimuksen käytäntöjä toiminnan teoreettisessa viitekehyksessä.

» The Merikoski Research and Rehabilitation Centre in Oulu, Finland is re-focusing the study of rehabilitation from the individual to the working community and work process.