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Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research

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Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research
Department of Education
P.O. Box 26 (Teollisuuskatu 23)
FIN-00014 University of Helsinki

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Yrjö Engeström, Professor

I am interested in cultural-historical activity theory and developmental work research in general. Currently, I focus especially on co-configuration as a new way of organizing work, and expansive learning in multi-activity settings. Read more

Jaakko Virkkunen, Professor

Born in Helsinki 30.10.1943. Master of Arts in psychology at the University of Helsinki 1971. 1971 –1984 Deputy Training Manager planning in-house-training systems for civil servants in the Ministry of Finance, Department of Organization and Methods. 1984 – 1987 Senior planning officer planning and organizing management training at the State Tech... Read more


Ritva Engeström, Ph.D., Senior Researcher

My current research has liaisons to the beginnings of Developmental Work Research two decades ago. Since then, my colleagues and I have used reflexive methods of data gathering and analyzing, such as stimulated recall interviews, on line video interviews, and interactive ethnography. My interest in reflexivity has expanded in the context of social science to... Read more

Hannele Kerosuo, Ph.D, Researcher

Project: Boundary Crossing and Knotworking in Innovative Work Organizations The study focuses on boundary crossing and knotworking in companies operating under challenging organizational and business environments. For the purpose organization design for innovation and innovation activity are researched in 2-3 Finnish companies. The concept of activity is ... Read more

Pirjo Lambert, D.Ed., Docent

I am leading the research and development project at HAAGA-HELIA School of Vocational Teacher Education, where the new writing genres are in the process of being developed in universities of applied sciences. Currently, my research interest focuses on the development of interventionist writing in R&D projects that supports the joint construction, examina... Read more

Kirsti Launis, Docent

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Janne Lehenkari, PhD, Researcher

From January 2008 onwards, I work at Advansis Ltd. Read more

Marianne Teräs, PhD

I am currently working as a researcher for the Department of Education. My research focuses on collaboration between vocational education and training and working life. My research interest also focuses on intercultural education and immigrant training in the area of vocational training. In my PhD disseration I studied and developed an intervention calle... Read more

Hanna Toiviainen

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Terttu Tuomi-Gröhn, Professor

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Juha Tuunainen, Dr.Soc.Sc.

My doctoral thesis focused on the trajectory of a Finnish agricultural plant-biotechnology research group and its transformation into a university start-up company. The main body of the thesis was composed of four research articles, each analyzing a distinctive phase in the group’s developmental trajectory. Using conceptual resources drawn from cultural-hist... Read more


Stephanie Freeman, M.A., Doctoral Student

How are new forms of Internet-mediated peer-production (such as is Free/Libre/Open Source Software (FLOSS) changing the relation between developer and user, author and reader, expert and lay person? What motivates people to contribute? What kind of ‘virtual community’ is being built and enacted? To whom is participation open? Finding answers to the question ... Read more

Merja Helle, Lic.Soc.Sci, Researcher

Head of Research at Mediaconcept Laboratory at IADE/University of Art and Design Helsinki Read more

Heli Kaatrakoski, M.A. (Educ)

My research interest in my dissertation focuses on the structural change (strongly guided by the New Public Management doctrine stressing market logic in organisation’s activity), currently under way in Finnish welfare state. The change, which changes the division of labour between the public, private and third sector is evident in new forms of organisations... Read more

Anu Kajamaa, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher

I received my PhD at the University of Helsinki in 2011. My doctoral dissertation was chosen as a Highly Commended Award winner of the 2013 Emerald and the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Outstanding Doctoral Research Awards in the Healthcare Management category. The summary part of the article based dissertation book is published onlin... Read more

Kirsi Kallio, LicPhil, PhD Student

COLLABORATION AND OBJECT-ORIENTED INTERAGENCY IN CO-CONFIGURATION My study is a part of a developmental and research project conducted at an industrial business organization Metso Automation. The practical goal of the project is to develop work practices and tools for recently adapted business concept based on sustained cooperation between Metso and its c... Read more

Jonna Kangasoja, M.A. PhD candidate

I am working as a researcher at the Centre for Urban and Regional Studies at the Aalto University. Current projects include research on -Competence Demands and Education of Finnish Planner Architects -Land-Use Planning and Interactive Expertise -URBA The Future Concepts of Urban Housing -Course Values in the design of Information Systems a... Read more

Satu-Mari Korhonen, MA (Educ.), Researcher

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Juha Leminen, M.Soc.Sci, Doctoral student

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Ulla-Maaria Mutanen, PhD Student

My purpose is to study an evolutionary process during which a global paper machine company Metso Corporation takes actions to integrate industrial design into its organization and build a new multidisciplinary design capability for developing industrial machines. Research problem 1: How has product development and industrial design activity developed in M... Read more

Auli Pasanen, MA (Educ.), Doctoral Student

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Anna Pauliina Rainio, PhD, Researcher

THESE PAGES ARE NO LONGER UPDATED! See my updated profile here: Read more

Marika Schaupp, M.Sc. (Econ.), Ph.D. Student

THE NEW CONCEPTS OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT In the new economy the old mass production-based management styles have become too ponderous. Strategic time spans are getting shorter and organizations need to reorganize their production and service activities more and more frequently. Knowledge and flexible capabilities have become the most valuable resour... Read more

Juha Siltala, M.A., Doctoral Student

My main interest is the organization of Internet-mediated, distributed work. My dissertation work deals with the emergence of rules in GNOME, a large Free Open Source software project. Loose, object-oriented collaboration networks are emerging as a distinctive, new form of organization as an alternative to traditional, hierarchical organizations. My work con... Read more